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This is a collection of the best brags - the most egregious, if you want an eight-dollar word - that real people have received in real Christmas letters. It's for lines that jump out at you, and for people who want to cut to the chase, without reading a whole bad example. If you'd like to contribute (I have room for another 40 lines), use the e-mail link at the bottom of the navigation bar on your left. You are on your honor not to make up your contribution. Include an explanation, if necessary.

Life sucks for some, but it's sure not us! (Kicking off 2010 Christmas newsletter.)
Sent to Kasey in Illinois.

Along with her school studies, ballet classes and weekly piano and violin lessons, Missy continues to make time for her charity work: this year she made flannel blankets for the pet shelter.
[Missy was 6 years old that year.]

Our daughter no longer colors, she designs . . .
[The daughter was three and a half, and not quite potty trained.]
Sent to Ed in California.

Our high school won the State Football Championship this year . . .
[None of the family's children played, but they attended regularly. Go, Bulldogs!]
Sent to Marjorie in California.

Our son was invited to send a biography to "Who's Who in American High School Students" . . .
[Main selection criteria: order a copy, for $49.99.]
Sent to me, several years ago.

I'm going to learn ancient Greek next year, so I can see if the Bible was translated properly . . .
Sent to Maryanne in California, as was the next.

Our daughter has mastered French. She isn't interested in Spanish and the school doesn't offer Russian, so she's taking Mandarin Chinese . . .
[Daughter who had mastered French was in the 9th grade.]

This is one page of over four dozen devoted to Christmas news letters. The main Christmas News Letters page has links to more examples, plus some general guidelines and specific suggestions for writing Christmas news letters. If you have an example, either good or bad, that you'd like to share with the rest of the world, send it to me and I'll add it to these pages.

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