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TR's Family (1)

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Dear friends, Relatives and Casual Acquaintances,

Another year has rolled by (just a little faster) and if, in the midst of your busy lives, you are craving a little boredom, here is the annual Christmas update from the R---- family.

The short version is that we are still in Thornhill, everyone is fine, we had a great summer, nothing tragic occurred since last Christmas, we are not yet rich and will be less so after the 25th. For those of you with stamina, a more detailed account follows:

My wife and I continue to work at the same places but are just now reaching the point in our lives where winters in Florida and semi-retirement are beginning to look really good. Part of that could be due to the major kitchen renovation (never again) we did in the spring along with other work so the house no longer looks like illegal immigrants had moved in. The money for that long awaited fishing boat has all gone to Home Depot.

L---- is now in grade four and totally fluent in French. We are totally useless in helping her with homework. She works hard and does well but we continue to be terrified that we will, one day, have a teenager who knows a language we don't. I have not registered any of my firearms as they may be needed when she begins dating. L---- had another great year at soccer although Mom blames her aggressive play on genes she got from her father. She also played her first round of golf this year which Mom is slightly more tolerant of with the exception of the new words she learned on the course! The highlight of L----'s year was getting her new puppy, Katie, in September and the two have been inseparable. Meanwhile, my wife and I have developed exceptional skill at carpet cleaning.

The boys are both in residence at University. J---- at Tindale College in Toronto and R---- in his first year at Brock. J---- is 6' 2" while R---- is at 6' 4" and still growing. Another good reason to have firearms, if only to supply meat to feed those 2 monsters.

J---- continues to pursue his desire to be a man of the cloth. Perhaps motivated by the need to contrast with his father. We have reminded him that a congregation will sometimes need a minister before noon, which could be problematic. R---- is taking business and hopes to do an International co-op which he claims will improve his job prospects. We suspect it's really due to the Spanish girls he saw during his 10 days in Europe in June. Actually, we are very proud of all 3 and very fortunate (my wife made me say that).

We'll be at my brother's in Ottawa for Christmas this year with all of the family not currently serving jail time. Off to London on the 27th with my wife's family and her mom's birthday. We (me) will likely have worn out our welcome and be home by the 28th. It may not surprise you that my wife has nearly all the points required for sainthood !!

Hope this letter finds you well and we all sincerely wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year. With any luck we may have a chance to speak with you during the holidays (no collect calls please).

Take care,

P.S.: Depending on the number of complaints my wife may resume writing this letter next year.

[Written and contributed by Tim R., of Canada.]

[Ed. Note: I changed the names for privacy. I used "My Wife" instead of "N----" for clarity, but it reads awkwardly.]

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