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Raising the Bar

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Dear Family and Friends

In spite of your overwhelming pleas to "cease and desist" (some of you going as far as to file a restraining order) it's time once again for the annual A---- family Christmas Letter update. Those of you who saved last year's edition know this is not your normal boring "look how great our family is compared to yours" update (if you did not save last year's version as a memorable keepsake you have probably already stopped reading this one and thrown it in the recycle bin).

OK ... to be honest there will be some boring "look at how cool we are" stuff in here (hey ... that's what these annual updates are supposed to do so stop the whining). Like most Christmas letters I will forego mentioning anything that might paint a less than favorable image of our family (i.e. I won't mention Barbara's DUI arrest on her way to her final Homeowners Association Board meeting as President - whew ... talk about an embarrassing moment, Carol dropping out of High School her senior year to join the circus, or the fact that Elizabeth now holds the Monte Gardens school record for number of times a 3rd grader has been sent to the principal's office ... OK, just kidding but I wanted to see if you were paying attention). As usual I will provide adequate "warning" before the boring stuff starts so you can skip right over that section (unless you really like reading about how wonderful someone else's family life is compared to your own).

Things left unsaid section:
This year was unusual as we experienced and learned many new things ... like saying goodbye to Daniel as he moved out of the house and into a new apt, experiencing what it looks like to see where the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean meet in Cabo San Lucas, sitting in the "oxygen deprived seats" at the Warriors basketball game straining our eyes to watch Elizabeth in the half-time show with her "Show Team" gymnastics group helping "I'm 18 and I know everything" Carol fill out multiple college application forms while watching our Amex bill grow proportionally with each "click" of the mouse (5 of 8 applications were UC registrations at $60 each - you do the math. We thought the expensive part of college was the tuition. You have to pay just to knock on the door and there is no guarantee they will even answer).

"Warning ... Danger Danger" you are about to enter the "boring facts" portion of the letter. Do not read this next part while driving or operating heavy machinery as it can cause sleepiness and drowsiness. Read only under a Doctor's Supervision. Read responsibly. OK - consider yourself warned and know that I am not responsible if you get arrested for an RUI - Reading Under the Influence (of boring facts).

For a change of pace we are invoking a multiple choice quiz to see if you're paying more attention to our lives than your own:

Albert and Barbara are still:
  1. Married
  2. Speaking
  3. Breathing
  4. Living with lots of animals
Carol is still:
  1. Dancing
  2. With Kyle (boyfriend)
  3. Annoying her brother
  4. Addicted to shopping
Daniel is:
  1. Working as a computer technician
  2. Attending DVC as a career student
  3. Annoying his sisters
  4. Living with 2 female roommates
Barbara is:
  1. Still teaching / tutoring math as a sub for 6-12th grades
  2. Breaking up fights at school
  3. Coaching Soccer in between fights
  4. Going to France with Debbie in January
Elizabeth is:
  1. Still doing advanced gymnastics
  2. Playing Select soccer (means she plays in the cold winter)
  3. Enjoying 3rd Grade as an 8 year old
  4. Having fun with recently adopted German Shepherd pup
Albert is still:
  1. at IBM
  2. A referee at Elizabeth's soccer games
  3. A better soccer coach than Barbara
  4. In denial of his waist size

Actually all of the answers above are true except maybe the "better soccer coach" that Barbara will argue vehemently (even though she is wrong ... .:) Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

With Love,

(PS: Daniel is doing his own cards this year - so if you don't get one complain to him, not me.)

[Written and contributed by Steve A. of Concord, California.]

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