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Dear Friends and Family,

Note: As we thought about our Christmas letter, we had to admit that time is a precious commodity. Even I tend to skim the daily paper just to keep up with what is going on in the world. So, this year, we bring you the year-in-review in headlines and pictures.

January 2003
J---- Feels Led to Pursue Possibility of Counseling Missionary Personnel
Seeks Out Opportunities for Ministry to Missionaries

March 2003
A---- and Friends Enjoy Learning about Black Bears at "Camping" Party
Educational Fourth Birthday brings Joy, Fun, Cake; A---- Growing into a Delightful Young Lady

April 2003
J---- and S---- Commit to Mission Trip
Round Trip Tickets Purchased, Plans Moving Right Along for Trip to Senegal, West Africa; High Hopes for a Sense of Direction from God as a Result

May 2003
Bradley Family Visits Family in Pacific Northwest for 11 Days
Sudafed Has Minimal Effect on S----'s Sleep Pattern, Passengers' Flight Enjoyment

May 2003
J----, S----, Brandon, & Virginia take Kids on First Camping Trip
Live Sand Dollars, Sticks, Rocks become toys at Kopachuck State Park Beach; S---- Attempts to Dine on Raw, In-Shell Crab Legs

May 2003
First Birthday Celebrated in "Grand" Style
S---- Celebrated his Big Day in WA with Grandparents, other Paternal Relatives

June 2003
J---- and S---- Get Stuck, Write Big Check at Local Health Department
Numerous Immunizations Required for African Travel

June 2003
Sudafed Further Proves Useless During Automobile Travel
S----, Her Father, and the Kids Drive to Colorado to Visit Brian, Jennifer, and Emma; Her Mother Joins them at Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park

July 2003
Shorter Flight a Relief for Harried Mother and Children
S---- and the Kids Fly to Huntsville

July 2003
Part-Time UPS Pre-Load Supervisor Becomes New On-Road Management Specialist (OMS)
New Evening Hours Allow for J----'s Fall Classes; Normal Sleeping Pattern to Resume After 3 Years

July 2003
Despite Tears, S---- Leaves Kids in AL
Kids to Stay with Grandparents During Africa Trip

July 2003
Paris Not Found to be Luggage-Friendly
J---- and S---- Drag Bags Through Paris on 8-Hour Sightseeing Trip During Layover

July 2003
After 3 Days in Home of Missionaries in Dakar, J---- and S---- Proceed to Saly, Senegal for Missionary Conference; Provide Child Care and Youth Camp for MKs

August 2003
Lack of Handwriting on the Walls a Disappointment, But Not a Tragedy
Despite Not Sensing any Clarification or Specific Direction as a result of their time in Africa, J---- and S---- Return to the States with Hope, Confidence that God does not Waste Experiences

August 2003
S---- Agrees to Teach a 3-Year Old Preschool Class
S---- Gives in to Peer Pressure, Agrees to Teach a Class of Nine, Reconsiders Engineering as a Profession

September 2003
Family Begins a New Semester
Six Hours to be Final Term for J----; A---- Excels at Swimming Lessons; Enjoys New Ballet and Tap Class

September 2003
Medical Expertise Unnecessary in Toddler Gender Determination
Thrilled with Trains, Kicking, Throwing, Antagonizing Sister, S---- Continues to Prove he is "All Boy"

October 2003
Bright Star in Southwestern Sky, Spiritual Matters Under Consideration, Scrutiny
Confident of Getting an Answer, A---- Drops to Knees to Ask God if it is "His Star;" States hopefully, "He [God] will tell my head and it will go down my throat into my heart!"; Later Frustrated Because S----'s Fever had not gone Down Despite her Prayers, She Announced, "God must be working on someone else right now!" A---- Continues to Show Signs of Spiritual Growth.

November 2003
Studies Show Language Overrated
S---- Casts Aside Growing Vocabulary to Call Most Humans "DaDa" and Most Objects "Bubble"

December 2003
Mother Touts the Merits of Flu Meds, Amantadine in Particular
S---- and A---- both get Flu, Recover Quickly with Treatment in Time for Out-of-Town Company

December 2003
After Four Long Years, the Wait and the Work are Over
J---- is one of 270 Graduates; Receives Masters Degree in Counseling; Parents and In-Laws in Attendance

December 2003
Job Proves Difficult to Attain
New Graduate Needs More Experience Before He can Apply for Licensure; Most Employers Want Currently Licensed Counselor

December 2003
Back-Up Plan in Place
S---- Registered for Spring Classes; Plan in Effect Until God Leads J--- - to Counseling Job, Other

With Wishes for Peace and Hope this Holiday Season,
J----, S----, A----, and S----

[Ed. Note: Again, I grouped these by the year my Alert Readers sent them to me, not by the years they were written.]

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