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'Twas the Night

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December 2002

Dear Family and Friends,

‘Tis the night before Christmas and all through our house
All the creatures are stirring. (We don’t have a mouse!)
Though A---- is nestled all snug in her bed,
She can’t get Discovery School out of her head.
She’s learning to write all her A’s, B’s and C’s -
She sure loves Ms. Nancy, her teacher, you see!
They have a class hamster - "Zipidy" she’s called -
Who brings such delight to the kids one and all!
Then she dreams of gymnastics (with scales, bars, and beams),
Of front rolls and back rolls - oh, how her eye gleams!
She dreams of library books and story time
(She’s working on reading; she’s learning to rhyme.)
She still loves the zoo - it’s the animals’ home,
Though she desperately wants a cute pet of her own.
She’s growing up quickly - says four-syllable words -
Bosses her brother (now ain’t that mature!)
Has deep conversations and wants to know why
The planes leave those white "lines" way up in the sky.
She sure loves her brother - and for that we are glad,
Though at times they can make each other quite mad!

Across the hall from A----, Pa and his wife
Have just settled in for a multi-child life.

Baby S----’s awake - how he likes midnight snacks!
He’s up on his knees now - he’ll soon make some tracks!
Weighing in at 7-11, he joined us in May
On Uncle B----’s birthday - the 26th day.
He was dressed all in skin from his head to his feet
And we knew in a moment he’d be something sweet!
His eyes, how they twinkled! His chin dimple - merry!
His cheeks warm and rosy, his head "not-so-hairy."
His sweet little mouth now laughs more than it screams,
(The stuff of his mama’s and papa’s best dreams!)

Though seven months old now, he still has no teeth
And he’s still small enough to sit up in a wreath!
He has a cute face and a little round belly
That shakes when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly!
Slightly chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf -
A---- makes him laugh in spite of himself!
He speaks not a word, but delves into his day -
He chews and he coos and he loves to just play.

Well, Mama’s still working at A----’s preschool -
And now baby S---- is there with her, too.
She works there twice a week, but she stays fairly busy
Taking care of our kids - that keeps her in a tizzy!
She just had a role in our church Christmas show
As "Norma" - she loved every minute, you know!
Someday perhaps she’ll get to do it again -
Acting and singing on stage now and then.

Pa’s still UPS-ing the wee morning hours,
Then he comes home to a nap and a shower.
He now has just one more school year ‘til he’s done
With his Master’s in Counseling - then comes the fun
Of supervised client hours - two thousand or three-
Before he’ll get licensed - and where will that be?
We have no idea - God hasn’t been clear -
Though we probably won’t remain too close to here.

We sprang through this year, barely eeked out a whistle
And away it’s all flown like the down of a thistle!
But hear us exclaim now with Christmas so near
"A Blessed Holiday to all, and a Happy New Year!"

J--, S----, A----, and S----

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