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A Christmas Poem

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    Now, on the birth of another new year
Not missing the chance to send Holiday cheer
From the P----'s in Onawa we'd like to say
Remember the reason -- when you kneel to pray

S----, a Junior at Iowa State, turned 21 -- in the fall
Mom helped celebrate (tailgate) at the Nebraska/ISU game of football
Political Science and Statistics are the majors she's chose
Will graduate in December (in 3 1/2 years), lots of hard work she knows
She enjoys fun, family, and football games too
Just completed an internship with the Latham campaign -- a busy job to do

J---- will graduate from Iowa the 16th of December
With many good times of his Hawkeyes to remember
He had a good trip to the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and much more
He's been selling windows and doors for Menard's at the Iowa City Store
Working hard, looking forward to the forth coming days
Hearing from Job Apps. -- where his degree in Finance will show him the ways

N---- returned from the Czech Republic in June
Where writing for the Prague Post kept her in tune
Now with her Masters degree in Journalism complete
Reporting for the Sioux City Journal -- out on her beat
Turning one quarter of a century old this year
Also coaching gymnastics, her life long dream she holds dear

R---- busy with fall tillage work since harvest is done
Yields quite surprising -- late rain made beans in the sun
Dry land corn did not fair so very well
But better commodity prices make us happier to sell

M---- still enjoys watching her Huskers play
With hope for a bowl game, she has much to say
Continuing to work at Curves and helping out in the fields
She still finds time to visit the kids and pray for good yields

With the children all grown and changes all around
There's still room in the Paseka house for holiday cheer to be found
R----, M----, N----, J---- and S----, too
Want to wish you Vesele Vanoce and Novy rok to you
(or Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you)

[Sent to and contributed by NP of Sioux City, Iowa. She notes that the family is Czech-American and R--- is a farmer.]

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