Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Lorraine Brown to Mary Brighton

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Loretta (Benton) McCollum in 1966 Loretta Benton and Charles McCollum in 2016 Loretta (Benton) McCollum - Charles McCollum and I met again as hippies in 1969 and have been together ever since. We married in 1970 and have four children and four grandchildren. Charles quit UC Berkeley during the protest years and became a finish contractor. He made beautiful things and never worked a day in his life. He retired at 62. I went back to school in 1975 and became an RN, and then a nurse practitioner. I'm set to retire the end of November, 2016. We moved to the mountains of Southern California in 2011. [Charles died 31 May 2020.]

Lorraine (Brown) Welch - Married since 1967 to Ralph Welch. I'm a retired Jewelers' assistant and a published poet. We lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since for many years, then moved to Oregon in 2002 and Fairfield, California in 2004. We have two sons, one daughter and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

Margaret (Eseltine) Shelleda in 1966 Margaret (Eseltine) Shelleda in 2019 Margaret (Eseltine) Shelleda - Went to UC Davis, got married, started organizing unions in 1969, while still a student at UCD. Had a daughter (Jessica), got divorced, moved to Oakland. Remarried in 1985. Became a grandmother (Sydney) in 1997.] I finished my paid union career when I retired from my position as Executive Director of the California Federation of Teachers in 2011. After 35 years of organizing and representing unions, Iím still committed to the labor movement. I do what I can to keep retired union members active in their unions and communities, and am active on the board of the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA). I'm still married to Louie Shelleda, who's also retired. We still live in Oakland, travel a lot, volunteer to provide food to the homeless, and work on political campaigns where needed.

Margie (Stormer) Scoggins in 1966 Margie (Stormer) Scoggins - Margie married David Scoggins. She writes: Dave and I live in the foothills near Jackson, California. We've been on our hillside acreage since 1987. We've been married since 1967. We have 2 beautiful granddaughters and 2 terrific grandsons. But our sorrow is that they all reside out of California. I am retired and Dave is planning his now that he has reached his 30 years with PG and E.

Mari (Blackmore) Beck in 1966 Mari (Blackmore) Beck - Living in Ft. Collins, Colorado;

Marie (Scholes) Westbury in 1966 Marie (Scholes) Westbury in 2010 Marie (Scholes) Westbury - sent us an update and a picture in August 2010. She has travelled all over Europe, lived in Idaho and the wine country of Northern California, and sold muzzle-loading supplies. She and her husband Ian have a 36-foot sailboat. They blog about it on Pay them a visit for pictures of sailing on SF Bay!

Marilyn (McGuiness) Tomlin in 1966 Marilyn (McGuiness) Tomlin now Marilyn (McGuiness) Tomlin - has lost her husband and two children. She has her family, friends and faith to keep her going. She works as a hairdresser, making making the ladies of our community beautiful and loving it. She'd like to hear from you. She sent us an update in July 2009, with a great picture of herself at Tumalo Falls in Bend, Oregon.

Marsha Marinello in 1965
(1965 yearbook)
Marsha (Marinello) Heaston - Married the love of my life, Steve Heaston. Graduated from Fresno State with a BSN. Have 3 adult children, no grandchildren yet. Working in the field of Neonatal Intensive Care.

Martin Draznin in 1966 Martin Draznin now Martin Draznin - My wife Tacie and I have been living in Kalamazoo since 1991, the longest I've lived anywhere since I was a kid in Concord. I'm still essentially running a racket. I do academic medicine (Pediatric Endocrinology, don't ask) at a community medical school campus, lots of interesting kids to see, medical students and residents to teach, the odd article to publish so my colleagues at other institutions don't think I've retired or died, and, and, and, I get PAID for this! I'm still dabbling at amateur radio (N5TRF). Had to stop the Tae Kwon Do after getting to Third Dan and mostly teaching adult beginners for awhile, knees got too sore. Studied Samurai Sword for four years, until my shoulder wouldn't take it any more. Too bad, it's a great art. Beer brewing stopped when I finally got too much steam from boiling up into the over the range microwave, which died a spectacular and smoky death. Had a chance to hunt plains game in South Africa. It was eye opening, and mind-boggling in MANY ways. Our son just (2009) got married to a classmate from medical school, after he finishes his residency in emergency medicine and she finishes her post residency in Master of Public Health, they hope to work for the Indian Health Service in New Mexico for a few years. Life in Michigan has been pretty darn good to us.
Martin contributed The Brain (He loved to learn) to our "What Was It Like?" essay collection.

Mary (Brighton) Borrelli sent us an update in 2006, and another in 2013. She graduated from Cal Berkeley, became a partner in Chez Panisse restaurant, married Jim Borrelli. They divorced. She went into documentary films, won a Golden Globe, an Oscar nomination and an Emmy. She is now Tucson, where she does marketing and communications. .

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