Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Melinda Kaufmann to Norm Van Brocklin

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Melinda (Kaufmann) Landsburg in 1966 Melinda (Kaufmann) Landsburg - I live in Nevada City, CA with my husband of a billion years, Jeff. We have no human children but a houseful of the little hairy ones. I currently own a shop called LALOO in downtown Nevada City. If you'd like to take a gander, it's at If anyone who remembers me is ever in Nevada City, stop by and say "hi".

Mike Argo in 1966 Vietnam Service Ribbon Mike Argo - I've lived in Clayton for the last 14 years. I went to DVC, served three years in the navy, including two tours in Viet Nam, came home and graduated from Sacramento State. I joined the Contra Costa County Fire District in 1973, married Deborah in 1974. We have two children, a son who is in the Air Force and a daughter who is, in 2004, a second-generation student at CVHS. I retired as an Assistant Fire Chief in April 2003. We are hoping to move to the southwest when we become empty-nesters. In the mean time, I'm remodeling the house, spending lots of time on my mountain bike and hiking (trying to stay in shape) and traveling.

Mike Palmer in 1966 Mike Palmer in 2009 Mike Palmer sent us an Update with two pictures, in 2011.

Mike Stewart in 1966 Mike Stewart sent us an update in 2006. He married Linda Foskett. He and Linda live in Granite Bay, east of Sacramento. He retired in 2002 after 30 years with Hewlett-Packard.
[E-mail removed for privacy, but if you send me a message I'll forward it. Ted Pack.]

Mona (Barber) Dawson in 1966 Mona (Barber) Dawson has grown older and wiser.

Norm VanBrocklin in 1966 Norm VanBrocklin has grown older and wiser.

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