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Yahoo! introduced Yahoo Answers in 2006, a web site which allows people to ask questions and others to answer them. I search the site for "Peace Corps" (and "Peace Corp" - not all YA users can spell properly) every once in a while. These are the questions that have come up. Some ("What was it like?") come up 3 - 5 times a month. Some ("Is the Peace Corps a good place to meet chicks?") only came up once that I saw.

Note that I am not an official Peace Corps spokesman, that my experience is old (1971 - 1972) and that I served in Sarawak, Malaysia as a teacher. Newer volunteers, volunteers in other countries and volunteers who did not teach may not have had the same experiences.

You can Google "Peace Corps Blog" to see recent Peace Corps Volunteers' experiences.

Note also that some of my fellow PCVs who were also teachers in Sarawak from 1971 - 1972 didn't have the same experiences I did. Several left during training. One left after the first year. I was so happy I wanted to stay for a third year. Some had electricity 24 hours a day, and a small community of ex-patriates to talk with on the weekend. I didn't.

Finally, if you read all of the questions, you'll notice some duplication. I left it in for those who just read one or two.

Here are all the questions. I arranged them in six pages:

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