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Sarawak Links

I'm not really in the Link business. My wife complains I spend too much time here already. Here are some quality links, in alphabetical order. Sarawak is a fascinating place. These links will show you some aspects of it.

Pun Ritai's Home Page
A Malaysian's view. Pun Ritai has traveled extensively in Sarawak starting in the mid 80's. His web site has pictures and descriptions of Sarawak, including Bario and the Ibans along the Batang (river) Rejang. He also has wildlife photos.

Rajah Brooke
History, from the University of Ohio: This site is devoted to the study of Sir James Brooke (1803-1868), Rajah of Sarawak; 19th Century Sarawak; and related subjects such as the Brooke family and the history of Malaysia and Borneo. It also provides a point of contact for people interested in these subjects.

Sarawak Alive
The Virtual Sarawak Community On All Things Sarawakian. An ISP from and for Sarawak.
Sarawak Alive Banner

Sarawak Tourism Board
Official Web Site. Sections on Overview, Places and attractions, National Parks, Ethnic groups, History, Travel notes, Tourism information, a reading list (Arts & Crafts, History, natural History), Events, Links. This web site has more information, and is more up to date, than any other I have found.

The Borneo Project
The Borneo Project works with rainforest communities in Sarawak to promote local initiaves for human rights, environmental justice and small-scale economic development.

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