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The LDS Church (the Mormons) have a Family History Center in at least one church in most counties. They let us infidels use them for free. They don't try to convert you; they don't even mention religion unless you ask. Many are open some evenings. Call first to find out when they are open. They are in the telephone book under "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints".

Many FHC's have a subscription to Census images. That isn't off the web, but if you can't afford your own subscription, it will be invaluable. All FHC's have a set of CD's with the AF and IGI on them. If you have a web browser, you can see them from home. They may have CD's of data that hasn't been put on-line yet; Scottish Parish Records, for instance. The FHC's have many other resources. They will let you borrow microfilms from Salt Lake. There is a nominal charge, and you have to read the microfilm in their center. Every genealogist should go to a FHC at least once.

The main library in your county may have a genealogy section, or be able to direct you to one that does. Your chances are better if you live in a large city than if you live in a small town.

Your county may have a genealogical society. It would be in the telephone book, or the reference librarian at the largest library in the county would know about it. They may not have much data, you can use, if your grandparents didn't settle in that county, but they will have lots of experience they would be willing to share.

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