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This is a link for people new to the Internet, not just to Internet Genealogy.

Evaluating Web Pages A basic guide from the librarians at the University of California at Berkeley. These folks know their stuff and explain it better than I could. It is easy to read. Don't be put off by the fact they are one of the finest universities in the world. (Their football team being the major exception.). It is written for students doing research, which, in a sense, takes in all of us genealogists. We don't live in dorms or attend miserable football games, but we study and research. One point from this site in particular should be graven on our soul in letters of fire:

Are your hopes biasing your interpretation?

Some people are willing to believe anything, including grandfathers born four years after grandsons, if it gets them into the DAR. Reading it on the computer doesn't make it true.

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