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We genealogists tend to have more common sense and life experience, but less computer experience, than many computer users. Next to whacking park pigeons with my cane, there's nothing I like better than telling a whipper-snapper that his great grandfather wasn't a colonel in the First Oklahoma Paratroops during the Civil war. I have to watch it, though; I may need the whipper-snapper's help when I hook up a scanner.

There are some very basic things everyone who uses a computer should know. If you just started using a computer, you may not know these tricks and shortcuts. I broke them into four short pages for your convenience. This makes it easier for you to skip the ones you already know, too. There are two short tips sent to me by Alert Readers, below the four links.

After this came out in RWR, two Alert readers sent me these tips:

Tutotial in XP
There is a tutorial with Windows XP. From the Start Menu, click on
All Programs -> Accessories -> Microsoft Interactive Training.
Jeff O.

Right Click Reminder
Right click everything with the mouse. It will remind you of all the things that are available to do with what you have found.
M. C.

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