Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Dennis (Sam) Lewis to Dorothea Stamaris

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Dennis (Sam) Lewis in 1966 Dennis (Sam) Lewis recently Dennis (Sam) Lewis promised a bio-blurb. He writes about dancing: I was just ahead of my time. Now it's big business, with "So you think you can dance" and other programs like that...".

[Ed Note: Sam was a Godsend to the Modern Dance program, because he was a heck of a dancer and tough enough that no one dared suggest dancing was for sissies.]

May 2012: Here's that bio-blurb:

Most of my friends called me Sammy; Dennis was just an annoying birth name. First of all, I had a BLAST at CVHS. Then somehow, in a flash, it was all over. I was kicked out into the real world, (what a bummer). I had to to do something, so I joined the Alameda County Sheriff's Department. I was a bailiff, a patrolman in the criminal Division, and spent two years as a training officer. Seven years was enough. Time to start a new career.
I started construction in 1977, as a carpenter. In 1984, I started my own general construction company. I was my own boss from 1987-2011. Best boss I ever worked for.
My wife, Kathi Moore, graduated from CVHS in 1968. We married in 1969, had three incredible sons, never a problem with them, all three great athletes and musicians. (And they all work, now that's great!). We have 4 grandchildren. We moved from Concord to Dublin, back to Concord, then to Discovery Bay, where we raised all of our children, then we built a house on a ten-acre parcel, and grow the best weeds in Knightsen. [just east of Antioch.] No, not WEED -- weeds. I am now 64, retired, and tired. I've been napping, fishing, watching T.V. and traveling. Not sure which one I like best. My hair is not turning gray, but it is turning loose. All in all, we've had a great life. Would I have changed some things? You betcha, but not much. .

Dennis Sorensen in 1966 Dennis Sorensen now Dennis Sorensen wrote, in 2013: Dennis and Fran (Stotts) Sorensen are now both retired in El Dorado Hills, Califrnia. With a new fishing boat, and large woodshop, a novel in progress, golf, travel, and many other endeavors, boredom is not a likely outcome for this change.
Woodworking has become a passion. Guess it plays into leaving something behind, (along with our son David, and our granddaughter Casey, of course.) I make cabinetry, turned bowls and other objects on the lathe, and smaller gifts - all for fun and none for sale. .

Diana (Jester) Duncan in 1966 Diana (Jester) Duncan now Diana (Jester) Duncan sent us an update and a wonderful picture from Monterey in 2009. She has worked for Safeway, cared for a dying father and become a book keeper. More importantly, she has a wonderful husband, loving grandchildren and life-long friends. .

Dick Freeman in 1966 Dick Freeman now Dick Freeman - My wife Anne and I reside in Auburn, Ca. I retired in July of 2015 after 36 years of working in the high tech field. The last 22 years was spent working for Intel as a wide area network engineer. It was a fabulous career. We have raised 2 great kids, a boy Patrick and a girl Katherine. Both have college behind them and are making their way through life. Anne is on her second career as a special education teacher. She has a special gift with these children and plans on working a few more years. We will be spending her summers travelling in our 5th wheel trailer. I am taking this first year off relaxing, playing a lot of golf, working in my friend's winery and looking forward to a lot of skiing this winter. After that, who knows?

Don Enea in 1966 Don Enea now Vietnam Service Ribbon Don Enea - sent us an update in 2008. He is now a Medically Retired Correctional Officer and Security Supervisor. His 15 minutes of Fame was on the Oprah Winfrey Show, with Dr. Phil. He's worked in in Hawaii, Guam, Okinawa, Vietnam, Alaska, Utah, Illinois and Nevada. He served in the Marine Corps and cooked in a prison, among other things. He got his ear pierced at the age of 61.

Don Riggs is a sculptor. He started with custom jewelry, went on to stone and is now doing bronzes. You can see his work on his Web Site.
[Ed. note - his sculpture is WELL worth the click. The bullet item "sculpture" is a drop-down. TP]

Don Van Der Wende in 1966 Don Van Der Wende has grown older and wiser

Donna (McNew) Campbell in 1966 Donna (McNew) Campbell writes: I have been happily married since 1992. My husband was a human resources manager. I was a buyer with Contra Costa Community College District. I have three stepchildren born in 1970, 1971 and 1977 and a daughter born in 1971. We retired and moved to Arnold, California in April 2003. We moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon in 2006. We have 5 grandchildren.

Donnell (Redlingshafer) Wisniewski in 1966 Donnell (Redlingshafer) Wisniewski sent us an update in 2008. She cut her hair to less than 2 inches all over, the day after her photo (left) was taken. She is working at Borders Bookstore, living in Illinois with a daughter, two grandchildren and a new Boston terrier named Teddy R. She writes abut her parents and her sister, Maryll, a music professor and concert bassoonist.
Donnell contributed Waste of time (A short, musically talented girl whose father got drunk and beat her) to our "What Was It Like?" essay collection.

Dorothea (Dorie) (Stamaris) Hedien in 1966 Dorothea (Dorie) (Stamaris) Hedien now Dorothea (Dorie) (Stamaris) Hedien (who goes by Dorie) wrote, in 2016: I married a great guy in 1976, a tall Swede, and we'll celebrate our 40th Anniversary on Valentine's Day. We have three incredible adult children, one married, no Grandchildren. A number of years ago we bought a house in Arizona to escape the constant Seattle drizzle and two years ago made it our permanent home. We're in an "active" adult community, which is like a summer camp for grownups. I've never had more friends or enjoyed life more. Life is GREAT!

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