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Donnell (Redlingshafer) Wisniewski

July 2008

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I cut my hair to less than 2 inches all over, the day after that photo was taken. It's been longer and shorter several times since but now is short again. I don't like to mess with it - never did!

I have been working at Borders bookstore as a supervisor for the past 3 years and while I don't always enjoy upper management, I do like the folks I work with. My four grandchildren are now ages 5-15 and we've acquired a new puppy - Boston terrier named Teddy R. The oldest two grandchildren live with me and their mom.

Mom and Dad are still living in Sacramento, along with my 3 sisters and "baby" brother (now almost 40). Some of you might remember Maryll, class of 68. She's a professor of music at Sacramento City College and directs the youth symphony. She still plays bassoon in symphony orchestras around the West.

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