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Don Enea

July 2008

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Don sent us an update on his update in 2008:

I'm still living here in Reno, Nevada and still enjoying retirement. I haven't been back to California since 2003. I really wanted to go to our 40th reunion but a slight heart attack and stroke keep me laid up for a while.

If we have a 45th reunion, whether it is a small group or large, I definitely plan on going.

So, in my spare time I hang out with my kids and grandsons. My son and his wife, who live in West Jordan Utah, had their first baby (a boy) on my son's birthday. They are proud parents and I'm a proud Grandfather to 5 grandsons. The only other change in my life is my daughter talked me in to getting my ear pierced. So, after 61 years I gave in and had it done. I would like to hear from anyone who wants to chat via e-mail.

In 2002 he summed up his life in a page:

The past 39 years in brief: (Can you believe it?)

  • Graduated from CVHS June of 1966.

  • Enlisted in the USMC, San Diego, California July 7, 1966.

  • Served with 1st Marine Division, Headquarters and Service Battalion, Headquarters and Service Company.

  • Spent most of my tour of duty over seas; Hawaii, Guam, Okinawa, Vietnam, Kodiak Alaska. (I also ran into two 1966 CVHS Graduates in Vietnam - Steve Mayshore & Gerard Morris.)

  • Re-Enlisted in 1970 and was discharged in 1973 as a staff sergeant.

  • 1973 moved to Huntington Utah, worked in the coal mines for about a year.

  • 1974 Moved to Chicago, Illinois; attended Chicago Police and Corrections Academy, and worked at Statesville Maximum Security Prison as a Culinary Sergeant.

  • 1976 Transferred to Nevada State Prison Maximum Security in Carson City, Nevada until I retired in 1994 as a Nevada State Training Officer for the Department of Prisons.

  • I am one that couldn't stay home and enjoy retirement so I took on some security jobs to pacify my time but traveled a lot with the company.

  • 1996 Attended my 30th but 1st Class Reunion at the Embassy Inn in Walnut Creek, California, where the power went out in the whole area for the duration of the reunion. However, when the power came back on a lot of us were invited to Bob Mosier's suite to finish off the reunion.

  • 2003 I decided it was time for me, so I fully retired and am enjoying life. I do volunteer work. I am going to school now also at TMCC checking out the pretty ladies (just kidding) I am taking computer networking, arts & craft and obedience training. (Not for me; it's for my daughter's 1 year old lab that is a handfull.) Now I'm waiting for the forty year reunion. Can you believe it? "40 years"

I have three children that I raised as a single father, 2 girls and a boy:
  • My oldest daughter, works security for the Reno Hilton and is the mother of 2 boys.

  • My youngest daughter is attending Truckee Meadows Community College full time, getting her RN degree. She has a degree in Dental Hygiene and works full time at Washoe Medical Center in telemetry. She is the mother of 2 boys.

  • My son served 6 years in the Navy, stationed on the USS Nimitz. He now lives in Newport News, Virginia working for a computer software company.

I am a very proud father.

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