Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Albert Edwards to Bob Clay

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Albert Edwards in 1966 Albert Edwards - Family Physician. Married (same lady since 1970). 4 sons and 1 daughter. Medical-Evangelical Missions to Mexico, Belize, Honduras and the Domincan Republic. Medical practice is in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, in Powder Springs. I was on active duty in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman 1969 - 1973, then in the reserves until 1983. The most "fun" was being assigned to Marine Recon.

Art Bentley in 1966 Art Bentley today Art Bentley worked in radio for 20 years. He is alive and well in Naco, Arizona. He sent us an illustrated update in 2011.

Barbara (Vedder) Duncan in 1966 Barbara (Vedder) Duncan has grown older and wiser.

Betty Jo Kannon in 1966 Betty Jo Kannon much later Betty Jo Kannon has grown older and wiser.

Beverly Joan Steward in 1966 Beverly Joan Steward lives in Martinez. She has 2 children, 5 grandkids, is single and works as a customer service rep for a gift company.

Beverly (Schaefer) Hart in 1966 Beverly (Schaefer) Hart sent us an update in 2011. Highights: She and her husband own five weeks of time shares in Kauai. They live in Arizona and play pickleball. Her grandchildren include a set of triplets.

Bill Darling in 1966 Bill Darling now (Eklutna Lake, Alaska) Bill Darling sent us an update in 2000. Excerpts: I live in Eagle River, Alaska. I'm working as an education technologist for a state agency that works with severely handicapped children. I get to work with technology that empowers the disabled, build and run a web site, and teach teachers how to use assistive technology.

Bob Alessandrelli in 1966 Bob Alessandrelli in 2014 Bob Alessandrelli - I happily retired from my consulting business in January 2014 and have been busy traveling and will continue to do so. I graduated from UC Davis in 1970 and got my master’s from UCLA in 1971, where I met my wife, Mary. We’ve been married since 1972 and have two children: Jenny, born in 1981 and living in San Francisco and Jeff, born in 1983 and living in Portland. We've lived in Reno since 1975.

Bob (Robert) Clay in 1966 Bob (Robert) Clay - I'm living in Portland, Oregon now. I transferred from Pleasant Hill High my junior year. I remember running track and cross country under Mike Miramonte and playing trombone in every conceivable musical offering from jazz to orchestra to pep band under the esteemed tutelage of maestro Mr. Frank Cavoto. I retired from the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability in 2010, although I worked part time through 2011.

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