Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Bob Goncalves to Carolyn (Engel) Douglas

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Bob Goncalves in 1966 Bob Goncalves in 2013 Bob Goncalves in 2013
Bob Goncalves served in the US Air Force. He flies radio-controlled planes, and does 3-D flying, which he tells us is a "whole different set". He has 15 RC planes in his hanger. His other love is his 2009 Harley softail custom.

Bob Himel in 1966 Bob Himel has grown older and wiser.

Bruce Burnett in 1966

Bruce Burnett - I'm living in Anchorage, Alaska and have a wife and four kids.

Bruce Kersis in 1966 Bruce Kersis today Vietnam Service Ribbon Bruce Kersis - I spent 4 years in the army, one of those in the Viet Nam with the 11th Armored Calvary. I'm married to Kathy, my second wife. I have 5 children, 10 grand children. I was an Inspector with the Coachella Valley Water District for 20 years. I enjoy the river, riding my Harley, fishing, and goofing around. Read more. (Includes the April 2000 Viet Nam experience.)

Candy (Breckenridge) Foster in 1966 Candy (Breckenridge) Foster now Candy (Breckenridge) Foster - After living in Concord until 1976 we moved to Auburn, California. I was divorced with 3 daughters. I remarried a man who graduated from CVHS in 1961. He lived on Ayers Road as a kid. We moved to Red Bluff, where he drives truck for Wal*Mart. My children are married, and I am a grandmother of 2.

Carl Bengston in 1966 Carl Bengston now Carl Bengston - Lives in Turlock, California with his wife and two daughters. Carl was the head librarian at California State University, Stanislaus, in Turlock, for many years. He sent us an an update in 2016.

Carol (Shepard) Guilfoyle in 1966 Carol (Shepard) Guilfoyle recently Carol (Shepard) Guilfoyle - After graduating, getting married and having children, I went to work for Chevron in the corporate center in Concord. After leaving there, I worked part-time jobs while continuing to raise our children; a full-time job in itself.
In 1993, IBM moved us to Oregon, where we've been ever since. We love it here, and yes, it does rain a lot!
We raised three children, and now (2016) have 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Can we really be that old?
We enjoy bowling and golfing, and especially enjoy camping in the great outdoors. I also love to do quilting, crafting, and making things for others.
We are very active in our church, which keeps us pretty busy. My husband volunteers in the A/V arena, and I'm involved with Women's Ministries.
In spite of some health issues, we continue to do as much as we can, just slower. It's been a fun, crazy, and very interesting 50 years!
[Ed. Note: Carol didn't want to make her e-mail address public, but if you send your message to me, I'll forward it. My address is at the bottom of the page.]

Carolyn (Engel) Douglas in 1966 Carolyn (Engel) Douglas - I married a navy man and we lived a few years in Vallejo, California while he was teaching at Mare Island. We moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1978, raised our 3 daughters and retired from our jobs there. We moved to sunny New Mexico in 2011 and like it very much.

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