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Carl Bengston

October 2016

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After high school I went to college and finally graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Comparative Literature (pretty useless, huh?).

I started working in college libraries right out of high school to help pay my expenses and just kept it up. In fact, I've never worked at any other job! I got a Masters in Librarianship from the University of Oregon in Eugene, worked at some more libraries as a librarian, and finally ended up here in Turlock at CSU Stanislaus, where I was Dean of Library Services (read Head Librarian) for many years. Along the way I worked at Cal Tech, UC Berkeley, Dominican College of San Rafael, and for a national library automation consortium in Indiana and southern California. I also managed to pick up a MBA a couple of years ago, which was great fun, and which helped me advance to the upper echelons of Administration.

I retired in 2015, after 40 years in academic life as a librarian and college administrator. I'm still in Turlock, California, with my wife, Adair (also a librarian), and two of my daughters, Lana, and Erica, as well as Erica's husband, Cory. Lana is a phlebotomist at the local hospital, Erica is a college student, and Cory is an apprentice electrician. My other daughter, Ruby, 38, is the third librarian in the family, is currently living and working in New Orleans. No grandchildren yet, but surely that can't be too far off...

Retirement is great! It's nice to be home taking care of my family while they all go off to work and school. They certainly took care of me long enough. And I manage to find plenty of time to pursue my true passions, acting and singing. And when I'm not doing anything else, I also manage to get in a game of golf or bridge. Life is good!

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