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Beverly (Schaefer) Hart

July 2011

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I've been married to Paul Hart since 1971. We just celebrated our 40th anniversary with a 2 week trip to the East Coast.

We own 5 weeks of TimeShares in Kauai, Hawaii, and travel a lot! (We go to Hawaii every year - in fact - in May 2010 we took all 4 kids and their families for 2 weeks! 22 in all!) AMAZING to have the whole family together! LOVED IT!

We have four children and four grandchildren, including a set of triplets.

Paul and I have owned 2 preschools in Rancho Cordova since 1979. We bought a home in Sun City Festival (Buckeye, Arizona) in 2006. When it was ready, we moved to Arizona part-time in 2007. After 2 years going back and forth from California to Arizona we couldn't take it any more - LOVED living in Arizona! Sold our California home and move to Arizona full-time in 2009. Paul is busy playing pickleball, softball, and cards on a daily basis!

I am busy playing and teaching Mah Jongg three times weekly. I also am learning Bridge (what a challenge!) I play Pickleball when the weather is perfect!

Paul and I play Euchre, Pinochle, Bunco, Ponytail Canasta, and Mexican Train too! Even though we are still running the California preschools - We are LOVING the retired lifestyle in Arizona!


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