Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Teresa Lively to Wayne Stafford

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Teresa Lively in 1966 Teresa Lively now Teresa (Terri) Lively: I married shortly after high school and had two beautiful children: my daughter Alice, born in 1967, is a geriatric physician; my son David, born in 1970, is a successful entrepreneur. I returned to school, divorced, and finished my BA at San Francisco State in 1977. I became a bilingual teacher, met my husband, Lee Genz, in 1980, resigned from teaching in 1993, went to grad school and earned a Ph. D in clinical psychology. I currently have a very full private practice in Santa Cruz which is eminently satisfying - I cannot yet imagine retiring! I feel most fortunate to have great relationships with my husband, both children, their spouses (each of whom live within 7 minutes of us!) and my grandson, Christopher, who brings us much joy and keeps us on our toes!! The past 50 years have held their challenges yet, overall, it has definitely been a rich and satisfying life!
Tillman Sherman in 1966 Tillman Sherman now Tillman Sherman sent us an update in February 2009. He writes: I am semi-retired now. Living in San Andreas, California with the love of my life, Sharon Romano. I worked in groceries for many years then moved on to the State of California. Sharon has a consulting business, S&R Enterprises, so let her know if you need a website for your business.

Sharon has two daughters and I have two sons; we have four grandkids.

[Ed. Note: Tillman and his wife coordinated our 2001 and 2006 class reunions. TP]

Dr. Tina West in 1966 Dr. Tina West sent us an update in 2006. She went to the University of Nevada, pledged Kappa Alpha Theta, got her teaching credential, worked as a missionary and spent a couple of years in Rome. She lost a job when the Shah of Iran fell. Now she is a pediatric Chiropractor. She has a web site, (Created by our own Kim Solga.) The picture on the first page is Tina and her children.

Tom Pack in 1966 Tom Pack - Tom lives in Patterson, California. He taught 6th grade for years. He answers his E-mail every Tuesday, unless there is a good game on that night.

Toni (Machado) Wells in 1966 Toni (Machado) Wells now Toni (Machado) Wells - Married Gilbert Wells (CVHS 1965) who passed away in 1992. Two children, Todd and Keri, and one grandson, Gabe (the joy of my life). Employed with San Mateo County Office of Education as a secretary from 1969-1980. Then worked 25+ years as a computer programmer with BART. Retired in August 2005 and moved to Southern California to be with my high school sweetheart, with whom I had reconnected in 2003. After more than 5 years, we finally moved in together, which lasted a year before we realized that wasn't the best thing for the relationship and we parted as friends in 2010.

The next chapter in my life involved a move to San Diego to care for my parents. Sadly, we lost them both within a year of each other as so often happens when a couple has been together 65 years. That loss was lessened somewhat with the arrival of two new grandsons, identical twins Aiden and Owen, who are amazing little people. Still not ready for the front-porch rocker, I have returned to work in the Family Law Department for the Superior Court of California in Orange County.
2019 update: Two more children added to my daughter's family: Addison Marie and Connor James. Retired from second career with Orange County Superior Court in 2018. Bought a condo last year halfway between my son in Menifee and daughter in Escondido and now spend my days watching grandson Gabe play baseball for his high school team and walking my French Bulldog, "Bubba", around the condo complex.

Valorie Dommes in 1966 Valorie Dommes has grown older and wiser.

Vibeke Joergensen in 1966 Vibeke Joergensen in 2010 Vibeke Joergensen in 2010 Vibeke Joergensen wrote, in April 2010,
Ever since I was a foreign exchange student at CVHS I have stayed in contact with my host family, and over the years I have spent several vacations in California. I always enjoy being back. So if any of you should feel like it, you are welcome to contact me.

Vickie (Joy) Stanfill in 1966 Vickie (Joy) Stanfill worked retail at the "new" Sun Valley Mall, was a deputy sheriff, and owned a furniture business. After a few false starts she married her high school sweetheart, George Stanfill, class of 1965. Now she is a lay pastor. Read more or send

Vicky (Maloney) Grimshaw in 1966 Vicky (Maloney) Grimshaw - I have been a professional Photographer for the past 20 years, mainly weddings, and family groups. I am also a manager with Creative Memories Scrapbooks. I have been married to Rick Grimshaw since 1979. We have a son, Bryan born in 1986 and a daughter Katie, born in 1990. We live in West Linn, Oregon, (near Portland).

Wayne Stafford in 1966 Wayne Stafford now Vietnam Service Ribbon Wayne Stafford sent us an Update in September 2016. He writes "Teri and I are having more fun than should be legally allowed." There's more, plus a picture of Wayne and the airplane he is building.
Joined the Marines and spent a tour in Vietnam. Got out and spent a couple of years at Torrance / Redondo / Hermosa Beach growing long hair and studying to be a hippie. Flunked. Found the right girl on the third try and started a computer networking company before it was popular. Moved to Seattle in November 2005.
Wayne contributed The Rolling Stone (a varied life) to our "What Was It Like?" essay collection.

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