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Wayne Stafford

May 2016

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We are now in our 11th year of a 5 year plan which was to move to the Seattle area to be close to our older son and figure out what we wanted to do when we grew up. Well, you know how plans go. We now have part time jobs with the flexibility to come and go as we please. [My wife] Teri works at Columbia Winery pouring wine and talking to people. Yeah, she says it's a job. I work for a small company helping them develop a new product and get production going. Actually, I hang out with some great 20-something kids and play with tools.

My older son, Chris, is still working for Enterprise Car Rental but over on the commercial side now selling blocks of cars to dealers. He's been #1 in sales a few times and seems to get promoted every 20 minutes. He has a wonderful wife and son with another son due later this month. By the way, my grandson likes me best.

[My younger son] Eric is back home getting ready for his next chapter. He continued to move around the country finally ending up at Hard Rock in Honolulu. After getting bartender of the year twice, he had no problem getting a job here in Washington. He says he's ready to settle down and acquire his own bar.

Teri and I look back over the last 38 years and agree we've had it good.

(Wayne took a picture of himself and his airplane in May 2011, and another of his daughter and grandchildren in 2016.)

Wayne Stafford and his plane. Wayne Stafford

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