Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Sue Buchanan to Teddi DiAngelo

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Sue (Buchanan) Minette in 1966 Sue (Buchanan) Minette sent us an update in 2006. Excerpts: Most of my friends know me as Susan now. My husband, Dave, to whom I have been very happily married since 1970, and I have two children and one beautiful granddaughter. We live in San Diego and have both recently retired. After years of working for San Diego Unified School District as a middle school secretary I find it difficult not to have several projects going at the same time. I think all of those teacher, student, and parent interruptions have given me A.D.D. I spend a big chunk of my time as a volunteer Crisis Interventionist with the San Diego Police Department. It is rewarding to be able to "give back".

Sue Girard in 1966 Sue Girard sent us an update in 2007. Sue is retired a year ago and is still living in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She is still swimming and cycling several times a week. She is on the board of an art gallery where she sells her art work and photography. She has visited Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and Egypt.

Sue Heikes in 1966 Sue Heikes writes, in 2018: I now am retired and living in beautiful Colorado and now have 4 grandchildren. I have been in a committed relationship for 8 years. Life is wonderful. I have really enjoyed reading all the life updates of all of you.

[Ed note: Sue Girard, two above, has the "Just part it in the middle" style that reached its full popularity with the hippies a few years after 1966. Sue Heikes, above, has a "beehive", the most elegant of the teased styles. Teasing started in the late 1950's and was fading in popularity by 1966. Sue Pemberton, below, has a "flip", as does Susan Rode, down two. Susan Winn-Rogers, three down, has the inverse version of the "flip". It is still around. So, in six pictures of women named Sue, you can see what hair was like in the mid 1960's. Those three styles account for 75% of the women's hair that year.]

Sue (Pemberton) Monteath in 1966 Sue (Pemberton) Monteath: Hi Everyone! Gosh where has the time gone? I am still in beautiful Littleton Colorado, and have been since 1971. I have 6 great kids, 3 girls (married) 3 boys and 4 grandkids. They are spreading to Utah and Arizona quickly, but one son is still in college, and the other two are here. Tom passed away in January of 1997, and life made a 180 turn for which I could write a book. I am working as a school secretary in an elementary school and keep myself busy working with the youth group from our church, but mostly re-creating the landscaping of our home, and my new passion, flower arranging. Life never ceases to surprise me, but I am happy and making lemonade.

Sue (Steinwandt) Weller in 1966 Sue (Steinwandt) Weller: I worked with handicapped children as a speech therapist for 32 years. My husband and I retired in 2011 and moved from the Bay Area to Grass Valley, California, where we enjoy a much quieter country life. We have 4 children (3 sons, 1 daughter) and 7 grandchildren.

Susan (Rode) Morris in 1966 Susan (Rode) Morris now Susan (Rode) Morris lives in Berkeley and Nevada City. She and her late husband, Don, founded Donsuemor, Inc., The Madeleine Cookie Company. She is a classical soprano with 10 CDs to her credit. She has a son, Oliver, a budding scientist. Read more (including an updated picture) or send e-mail:

Susan K. Winn-Rogers in 1966 Susan Kate Winn-Rogers sent us an update in January 2006, and added to it in 2018. She uses "Kate" now. She was Director of the largest medical insurance company in the UK, but has moved home.

Syd Bottomley in 1966 Syd Bottomley has grown older and wiser.

Ted Pack in 1966

Flag of Sarawak
Ted Pack in Peru in 2008 Ted Pack: I was tall, skinny, good at math, and had no social skills. I've gotten heavier.

I graduated from UC Berkeley and became a Peace Corps Volunteer. I taught English in Sawawak, a state of Malaysia on the island of Borneo, for two years. The rest of my life has been dull.

My wife and I now live in Hughson, California, 12 miles south-east of Modesto.

Left, (clockwise) me in 1966, me in Peru in 2008 with an Andean black-chested eagle-buzzard on my head (our daughter was a second-generation PCV in Peru), flag of Sarawak in 1972.

Ted contributed The Nerd (I had a book IQ of 142 and a Social IQ of 64) to our "What Was It Like?" essay collection.

Teddi (DiAngelo) Reilly in 1966 Teddi (DiAngelo) Reilly now Teddi (DiAngelo) Reilly: Living in San Diego, California. Married to Mike Reilly since 1966. We have 2 married sons, Richard (Lisa) and Shawn (Angela) who have provided us with our 7 grandchildren - 3 boys and 4 girls. Truly life is good!

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