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Game of LIFE

[This is the most creative, elaborate theme I have seen in six years of collecting Christmas News Letters. It looks like the Milton Bradley board game, "LIFE". The "Game Board" - the path along the squares - is a spiral, starting in the upper left-hand corner and ending in the center of the page. It loses a little in the translation from a 16 MB Word document to a 300 KB HTML page, but you will, I hope, get the idea. The lady who created it is a Lieutenant in the Salvation Army. There are some notes at the bottom about terms she uses. ]


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Ruth S----- 2010 Edition

  1. For one or more friends or family members.
  2. Choose a game piece below - I drove each of these vehicles at some point this year.
  3. Flip a coin - heads move 1 space, tails move 2 spaces.
  4. Read each square carefully.
  5. Everyone who reaches the end wins.
  6. The prize is best wishes for a Merry Christmas.
  7. Thank you for playing.
  8. With love,
young woman Albino snake chocolate lab

Ruth, Merlin and Hannah

[These are the game pieces mentioned above.]

Van Mobile canteen Van
Van Van

[This is the game board mentioned above.]

      START HERE January
March 5.5 miles and perform timbrel routines in Tournament of Roses parade.
Spend a month in Mitchell helping Major Linda J. February
Attend regeneration, The Salvation Army's young adult retreat. Praise God for His amazing work.
Learn to drive the canteen. Lose a turn to practice.
Experience the Corn Palace Festival - that's the WORLD'S ONLY Corn Palace Festival. Corn Palace September
Attend LifeLight Festival and lose voice from all the screaming at the Family Force 5 concert.
Single Officers' Retreat, Orlando, Florida. A time of rejuvenation and meeting new friends. Vacation in Tampa, Florida with Rachel and Aaron.   April
Donate blood. Move forward one space if you are Team Edward.
Move to Mitchell, SD. Lose a turn to unpack.       Rachel   Team Edward
Donate double unit of blood - total 1 gallon since moving to Lincoln. Go back to the beginning if you are Team Jacob   Manger and star   October
Best friend from childhood gets married. Attend Angel's wedding and get an extra turn.
  Attend Youth Councils with the teens of the corps. Being a leader is tiring! Lose a turn and some sanity.
Attend another SACEP. You think a semester long class is tough? Try cramming it into one week!
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year
Vacation in Spearfish, SD. Lose a bet in Deadwood. Just don't get into a duel...
Take two vacation days to spend time with family
TARDIS cake   December
There aren't enough words to thank God for his abundant blessings this year.
  Move from apartment into a house in Mitchell. Lose a turn to pack and unpack again.   Ruth's Family
Go ahead 3 spaces for having a super "Doctor Who" party, including a TARDIS cake.   Hannah, a chocolate lab Adopt Hannah, a chocolate lab. House   Attend SACEP, a week of continued education. Lose a turn to work on homework.
Two children           Vacation in Chicago, see Cubs play - and lose - in Wrigley Field for the first time.
Babysit a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old for a week while their parents are leaders at camp. July
Attend Junior Girls camp and teach the Insect Life badge.
Lead VBS for the first time. Average attendance 125. Only God could do that! Attend Commissioning weekend in Schaumburg, IL. Shake hands with General Clifton. What a rush! Taylor Lautner June
Donate blood. Jacob who?
Wrigley Field

Sent in by Alert Reader Ruth S., from Mitchell, SD.

A timbrel is a small instrument like a tambourine.
SACEP is Salvation Army Continuing Education Program
General Shaw Clifton, LLB, BD, PhD, AKC, is the international leader of The Salvation Army.
VBS is Vacation Bible School.
A TARDIS is the time and space travel machine used in the TV show "Doctor Who". It looks like a 1950's London police box.
Team Edward and Team Jacob refer to the "Twilight" series.

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