Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Richard Gieg to Ruth Hicks

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Richard Gieg in 1966 Richard Gieg - We live in Fairfield, California. I went into the Navy early in 1967 as a dental technician. I retired in November 1989. My wife and I started Fly-By-Nite Carpet Cleaners in 1988.

Richard Jennings in 1966 Vietnam Service Ribbon Richard Jennings sent us an update in 2014. He lives in Dayton, Ohio where (in 2012) he retired from his Civil Service job with the Air Force as a patent illustrator for the Intellectual Property Division at Wright-Patterson AFB. He keeps busy flying and working on 1955 Chevys.
You can find him on Facebook (search by high school, or search it for Richard Jennings, Kettering Ohio

Ric Davis in 1966 Ric Davis writes: I'm Ric Davis. I changed a long time ago to Ric. [I have his e-mail address, which he doesn't want to display. If you send me a message I'll forward it to Ric. Ted.]

Rick Holtzer in 1966 Rick Holtzer sent us an update in March 2006. He and is wife, Jeanne, live in San Francisco, where he works in real estate and asset management. He coaches the Sophomore football team at Terra Nova High.

Rob Russell in 1966 Rob Russell - Been Married to the same girl since June 9th, 1967. She graduated from Mt. Diablo High. Some of you might have know here from junior high or elementary school - Pat Kelly. She caught my eye when we were in Kindergarten together at Crawford Villiage. We have 2 boys, who live in Antioch and Brentwood, and 5 grandkids.

Robert Hoyer in 1966 Robert Hoyer - I am married (in my late 30ís) with one son. I lived in Los Altos for 30 years, recently moved to Rocklin, California when I retired. I was a salesman and warehouse/distribution manager for my career, most of it spent in the screen print industry providing blank tee shirts and other apparel for screen printers and ad specialty companies. My wife was a middle school teacher for 40 years. Now we travel, take adult education classes, attend speaker lecturers and concerts. We think we are young for our years and are thankful for our good fortune.

Robert Jendenski in 1965
(1965 yearbook)
Robert Jendenski - After working and going to college for a few years in Concord, I spent 25 years in the Air Force. After retiring from the Air Force, I started working for Science Applications International Corporation as an electronic systems engineer. I'm now living in Arizona.

Rob Joakimson in 1966 Robert Joakimson has grown older and wiser.

Robert Thyken in 1966 Robert Thyken has grown older and wiser.

Robert Triggs in 1966 Vietnam Service Ribbon Robert Triggs - Well, it has been a long time since I have talked about myself. I went from CVHS to Viet Nam, where I spent almost three years. I had some severe injuries, but that is in the past. I spent 10 1/2 years in the Army. It was a very good experince. After the service I lived in California until 1984, when I moved to Lake Havasu City, AZ. Now I live in Pahrump, NV where I am very happy. I am now close to the people that I have helped out with off-road racing for the past 5 years. I did a little off-road racing myself, then helped out with radio communcation for 5 years. Now hopefuly this year I will be behind the wheel of my own car. It's a Class 1600, built from the ground up. Anyone wanting info on off-road desert racing can contact me.

Roberta Redfern in 1966 Roberta (Redfern) Elliott Revenaugh goes by "Robbie" these days.

Roger Bellamy in 1966 Roger Bellamy recently Roger Bellamy - has been married to Judy for 43 years and lived in Concord until 2002. They have three children and ten grandchildren. They moved to Oroville in 2002 when Roger retired. .

Roger Lange in 1966 Vietnam Service Ribbon Roger Lange - Vietnam Vet, I.B.E.W. electrician. Mostly retired. I live in Concord, California and South Lake Tahoe, California. I am in the books, or .

Roger Moulton in 1966 Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Panama)

Desert Storm / Desert Shield
Roger Moulton - Served in the US Army for many years and is now retired. He lives in Missoula, Montana. .

Roni (Baptist) Kavert in 1966 Roni (Baptist) Kavert in 2016 Roni (Baptist) Kavert - After graduation I attended DVC for one year. In 1968 I married Gary Kavert and we have two sons and 5 grandchildren. I worked for Longs Drug Stores for 29 years at their general offices in Walnut Creek. I retired in 2003. I was a braille transcriber for 25 years. Other hobbies include reading, cross-stitching, and jigsaw puzzles. Have to keep the mind "exercised".

In January, 2015, Gary and I moved to the senior community of Trilogy in Rio Vista, California. We love it there! We play Pickelball as much as 5 days a week and are also involved in other Trilogy activities. When we're away from home we spend time in our Montana 5th wheel RV traveling all over the country. We plan to get back into fishing the mountain lakes (as soon as the water levels rise) and enjoy taking cruises every five years or so.

Ruth (Hicks) Marston Caldwell in 1966 Ruth (Hicks) Marston Caldwell now Ruth (Hicks) Marston Caldwell - I've two beautiful daughters; two brilliant grandchildren. Currently working for Kaiser Permanente; looking for another adventure. Widowed since 2003. Moved back to Concord from Alameda to be closer to Ma and Pa. I've lots of pix on Facebook and MySpace. Also on Linkedin.

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