Clayton Valley High - Class of 1966
Paul St. John to Richard Burdette

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Paul St. John in 1966 Paul St. John in Iceland Paul St. John: I retired in January 2011 after 25 years as an attorney for San Bernardino County. I live in Yorba Linda, CA with my wonderful wife Julie, to whom I have been married for six years. (Second marriage for both of us.) My daughter, Susan, lives in Seattle where she works back stage as a member of the stage hands union. She particularly enjoys rigging. We have been concentrating on travel, and plan to go to Greece and Turkey this fall.

Pauline (Polly) Rink in 1966 Pauline (Polly) Rink: Living in Concord. Worked for the California Teachers Association for 35 years. Retired November 1, 2003. Divorced. Have a daughter, living in Sacramento and son living in Spokane, Washington. Currently working part-time at a local private college (since 2005). Enjoying my travels and time with great friends.

Peggi (Butler) Bosworth in 1966 Peggi (Butler) Bosworth: I live in Eugene, Oregon. I have 3 children on their own and 3 grandchildren. I own two retail stores at two different campus locations.

Peggy Dalton in 1966 Peggy Dalton: I've been living in the Sacramento area since 1974. I retired in 2004 after 23 years practicing law. Along with my husband, Chet Pelton (also retired), I enjoy traveling, bike riding, skiing, hiking, studying Spanish, and spending time with our five grandsons.

Ralph Dorr in 1966 Ralph Dorr has grown older and wiser.

Raymond Anderson in 1966 Raymond Anderson today Raymond Anderson: I moved to Washington state in 1972 after spending 3 years in the army. I was in Thailand and Germany. My wife, Carol (Manwill, class of 67) and I have a daugher, a son and 5 grandchildren. Daughter Brandi is finishing her Ph. D. in Leadership this year (2006) at Gonzaga University in Spokane, is married with 2 children. Son Shane is a project manager at Northwest Steel, married with 3 children. I'm still working in Sheet Metal.

Richard Burdette in 1966 Vietnam Service Ribbon Richard Burdette: Living in Washington State since 1965. Spent many years as a Seabee and a parks ranger. I have two sons, one a County Planner and the other in the Navy Seabees. Richard wrote us an update on his life in November 2005 and another in June 2012.

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