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This is what I look like these days, more or less, except I've stopped smoking and I usually dress better. There are 20 or 30 Ted Packs in the nation-wide telephone books on the Internet. I'm the one who:

  • Graduated from CVHS.
  • Lived at Cloyne Court for four years.
  • Worked for the USFS during my college summers.
  • Taught at Saratok Government Secondary School.
  • Taught at Somerset Middle School, very briefly. It was Somerset Senior Elementary at the time.
  • Worked for CZ, CDS, OCLI, TVG and SFC.
  • Wrote the article on basic laminated spindle turning in Fine Woodworking Magazine.
  • Wrote the short articles about Genealogy in RootsWeb Review and Missing Links.
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If the initials above don't ring any bells, I'm probably not the one you are looking for. I'm definitely not the Ted Pack who taught mathematics at Morehead State University, nor the one who has a logging business in North Carolina. If I am the one you were looking for, feel free to send me an e-mail message.

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