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I was a weeny in high school! I was scared a lot of the time. Scared of all the thugs (smokers, hard guys, whatever - you know who you were!) that hung out at the end of F Building when it was raining out, right next to my locker. I would have to squeeze by people just to get in. Bummer. Luckily, I shared the locker with Don De La Rosa, which was great because I got to know him better than if we didn't share. Thanks, Don!

I was scared of girls. Yeah, all you girls. What a wimp I was. Still am, probably, it's just that now I don't care! Back then, I felt nervous around you and wished so hard I could go out with many of you and yet, I never had the nerve to ask. Dang. Big loss there. Remember the movie, "Peggy Sue Got Married"? If I was ever to go back to HS, THAT is how I would like to do it! Except, who wants to go through all that again?

I was scared of getting beaten up by the tough guys. Especially since they seemed to all hang out by my locker. Even more especially if I happened to talk to one of their girlfriends.

I was scared of what life might be like in college and beyond. I had no clue as to what I would study in college or what I might do for a career. Still don't know!

I was scared of doing TOO well in classes. Didn't want to look like a geek or anything. Would give anything to be a geek now and be proud of it! Stupid me.

On the other hand, there were lots of stuff I liked about school, especially our senior year. I did have fun, and lots of it. I played on the tennis team, although I wasn't any good. Had fun, though. Went to football and basketball games, played noon sports, had fun in PE. I liked a lot of my teachers, especially Tom Schmidt. He was awesome. Gave me an unlimited hall pass! I could go anywhere at anytime and just show the pass! I used it and didn't abuse it, too much anyway.

The greatest was the famous Candy Sale of 1966. Doug Perez and I, and many others, worked hard and laughed hard and had a blast. That was one of the best times. Doug and I are great friends now, it is wonderful to chat with him about old times. I salute you, Doug!

Kim Solga, Darlene Keiffer, Joan Jennings and I have become great friends in recent years. You make my years at Clayton Valley worth it!

I miss not being in touch with lots of ex-classmates. Please write, you creeps! Which reminds me, I need to contact Peggy Dalton. She is very cool and I've had the pleasure of knowing her forever, and finally connecting at our Reunion and doing some e-mailing. Hi Peggy!

Which also reminds me to mention that going to the various reunions I've gone to over the years, has been an incredibly uplifting experience. I was afraid (there it is again) to go, thinking the "who would care about me" syndrome. I found myself talking with all these incredible people, who have had all these fantastic adventures around the world, and wondering why didn't I get to know them when I was in high school! Many missed opportunities, but, hey, my new motto is, "I can't do it all!" I try, and still ... . My point is here to invite YOU to come to the next reunion, wherever and whenever it might be. You will be rewarded for your efforts.

Well, I may have gotten off the beaten track here, or perhaps I beat the off track, whatever. I live in the cold now, and it sucks (the Midwest - Michigan now). But, life is good, I've got two 13-year-old kids where many of you have grand kids. Life is weird. Enjoy it.

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