[If you came here directly from a search engine, welcome. This is not a real church web site. It is an example, which you may use as a template. (Or, if you catch me in a good mood, I can copy and alter it for you, if you give me the data and some decent pictures. You'll have to find your own host, though.) It is a demonstration connected to my page on Church Web Site Design.]

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Rev. Cotton Mather This is Cotton Mather. Your minister will probably not be named after a fabric, and he / she will dress differently.

Substitue your minister's name for "Cotton Mather" in this page. Delete all of the advice below.

Add a couple of paragraphs about his / her education, background and philosophy. You might want to mention his / her family.

Don't go hog-wild with the family data. If you minister has a family, fine. People who have experienced marriage and children have first-hand experience with family problems. Don't put his daughter's birthdate or where her son goes to school.

Substitute a picture of your minister for the one I have of Cotton Mather. Use a good picture. The minister should be smiling into the camera and doing something. That something can be as simple as holding a book for the Children's Time, stirring the soup at a homeless shelter or gesturing from the pulpit.

Any photo editor (even "Paint") will tell you the height and width of your image. The image above is 259 pixels wide and 283 pixels high. Be sure to change the width and height attributes in the "img" tag for your picture, or your minister's picture will look funny:

too tall
125 x 283
too short
259 x 140

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The page above is an example / template. The section below is my site's counter and some links. If you copy the site's HTML, please delete this section.

You can see mendouu.mcn.org, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Mendocino Coast, a web site based on Template 2. I maintain this site, although they have been inactive since 2011.

My section on Web Design.

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