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[These are questions my denomination uses. Feel free to add, change or delete lines. The most important question for most men is whether they have to wear a tie.]

What should I wear to Sunday Services?
[You can give a guideline so people feel comfortable without mandating a dress code; "Most of our men wear a coat and tie, but you are welcome to worship with us no matter what you wear."]

What should my children wear?
[If they get messy during Arts and Crafts time, warn people.]

Is your church accessible to wheelchairs?
. . .

Is there childcare / Sunday School during church?
. . .

If my child doesn't separate well, may she or he stay with me during the service?
. . .

Are there any [insert race] people in this congregation?
. . .

Are people of [race] welcome in this congregation?
. . .

Are there many single people in this congregation?
[Hey, meeting men / women who go to church is better than trying to meet decent women / men in a bar.]

Are there gay or lesbian people in this congregation?
Are they welcome?

. . .

What goes on during the worship services?
. . .

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You can see mendouu.mcn.org, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Mendocino Coast, a web site based on Template 2. I maintain this site, although they have been inactive since 2011.

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