CVHS Class of 1966

Ted Pack Kim Solga Dave Magris Marie Scholes Wayne Stafford Shirley Rhoades
Ted Pack Kim Solga Dave Magris Marie Scholes Wayne Stafford Shirley Rhoades

Clayton Valley High School (Concord, California) - Class of 1966

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This is a Virtual reunion. It was inspired by the World's Stupidest DJ, who ruined the 25th reunion for me. We also have links to a Do You Remember page, and Other CVHS sites at the bottom of this page.

This site has two levels. This page is the first level. Each entry on the second level has a brief description of what the person has been up to since 1966 and an E-mail link. Some have links to personal or professional web sites. You can either find someone here and jump directly to their second level entry, or go to the start of the second level pages and read through them all.

There are two sections. The first list has living people. The second, In Memory, has our departed classmates. Both sections have people alphabetically by first name, which makes it easier to find ladies who changed their last name when they married. If Paige Turner married Don Breaks, she'd be listed as:

Marion Haste
Natalie Drest
Paige (Turner) Breaks
Rick O'Shay
Robin Banks

If you'd like to be on the page, send me an entry:

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Albert Edwards Art Bentley Barbara (Vedder) Duncan
Betty Jo Kannon Beverly Joan Steward Beverly (Schaefer) Hart
Bill Darling Bob Alessandrelli Bob Clay
Bob Himel Bob Goncalves Bruce Burnett
Bruce Kersis Candy (Breckenridge) Foster Carl Bengston
Carol (Shepard) Guilfoyle Carolyn (Engel) Douglas Carolyn (Mortimer) Wooten
Charlene E. (Silver) Iverson Charlene (Wilkerson) Lusk Charles McCollum
Cheryl (Riggs) Root Chris (Sorensen) Stowers Cory (DeMello) Lange
Cristine (Cris) Mazzei Cynthia (Sinclair) Caulk Dale Brown
Dale (Cook) La Tendresse Dale Cross Dan Asvitt
Darlene (Kifer) Boncore Dave Taylor David Lendrum
David Magris David Poarch David Scoggins
David Walker Debbie (Bromley) Dirks Deborah (Hamilton) Bailey
Denise (Brenner) Gunterman Dennis "Sam" Lewis Dennis Sorensen
Diana (Jester) Duncan Dick Freeman Don Enea
Don Riggs Don Van Der Wende Donna (McNew) Campbell
Donnell (Redlingshafer) Wisniewski Dorothea (Dorie) (Stamaris) Hedien Dorwin Hilsenbeck
Doug Perez Evamaria (Bassett) Croskey Fran (Stotts) Sorenson
Fred Ruggiero Glen Paetz Glenda (Ostler) Hawkins
Glenda (Richardson) Baldwin Greg Feere Jackie Fisher Disney
Jan (Gustafson) Rognlien Janis (Ruggirello) Ruggiero Jay Glen
Jeff Murphy Jerry Schmaljohann Jim Blodget
Jim Hamilton Jim Sherburne Joan (Jennings) Stickney
Joan (Riboli) Laurence Joanne (Bush) Nazelrod Joe New
John Bertram John Crepeau John Sullivan
Julie (Thomsen) Van Osdol Karan (Selleck) McCaughey Karen (Hamilton) Bell
Karen (Kunstman) Sanders Kathy (Hartley) Dodds Kathy (Lawrence) Lynch
Kathy (Spears) Campbell Kim Solga Kip Sheldon
Lani (Wiles) Watkins LaRayne (McMenamin) Povlsen Lee (Leila) (Thacker) Maloney
Linda Benton Linda (Chrisp) Knight Linda (Nina) (Christensen) Kelley
Linda (Clipson) Woodall Linda Edman Linda (Foskett) Stewart
Linda Foster-Collins Linda (Garrett) Viale Linda (Martin) Barker
Linda (Maynard) Romer Linda (Smith) Northway Linnea (Cowart) Pearce
Loretta (Benton) McCollum Lorraine (Brown) Welch Margaret (Eseltine) Shelleda
Margie (Stormer) Scoggins Mari (Blackmore) Beck Marie (Scholes) Westbury
Marilyn (McGuiness) Tomlin Marsha (Marinello) Heaston Martin Draznin
Mary (Brighton) Borrelli Melinda (Kaufmann) Landsburg Mike Argo
Mike Palmer Mike Stewart Mona (Barber) Dawson
Norm Van Brocklin Pamela (Harris) Loutzenheiser Pat (Griffin) Persons
Pat McMullin Patricia (Durflinger) Farmer Patrick Gorman
Paul St. John Pauline (Polly) Rink Peggi (Butler) Bosworth
Peggy Dalton Ralph Dorr Raymond Anderson
Richard Burdette Richard Gieg Richard Jennings
Rick (Frederick) Davis Rick Holtzer Rob Russell
Robert Jendeski Robert Hoyer  
Robert Joakimson Robert Thyken  
Robert Triggs Roberta (Redfern) Elliott Revenaugh Roger Bellamy
Roger Lange Roger Moulton Roni (Baptist) Kavert
Ruth (Hicks) Marston Caldwell Sandra (DePatie) Ekman Sandra (Freeze) Purdy
Shari Gallegos Sharon (Scott) Brooks Sherry Fuzesy
Sherry (Knowles) Bookman Shirley (Rhoades) Kalinowski Steve Fase
Steve Jilka Steve Stone Sue (Buchanan) Minette
Sue Girard Sue Heikes Sue (Pemberton) Monteath
Sue (Steinwandt) Weller Susan (Rode) Morris Susan (Kate) Winn-Rogers
Syd Bottomley Ted Pack Teddi (DiAngelo) Reilly
Teresa (Terri) Lively Tillman Sherman Tina West
Tom Pack Toni (Machado) Wells Valerie Dommes
Vibeke Joergensen Vicki Klippel Vickie (Joy) Stanfill
Vicky (Maloney) Grimshaw Wayne Stafford  

In Memory

Bill McGrill Bob Roscoe Bobby Martinez
Brett Matusek Carl "Gene" Sheets Charles "Bob" Cameron
Charles Duffy Charles Lynch (Faculty) Christopher G. Leedy
Daniel McCoy David Alan Welham David Weynand
Dan Dewsbury Dennis Taerea Don De La Rosa
Donna Cox Ernie Rhode Fred Streeter
Gary Archambault Gary Bussey Gerald L. Allison
Howard Romano Jack Woodhead James H. "Butch" Morgan
James Walter Post James Woolum (Faculty) Jeff Taylor
Jeffery Tucey John Micheli Keith Godchaux
Lauren Green Laurence Terry  
Linda Hess Lynette (Sumerlin) Webb  
Margaret Boyce Martha (Luer) Paxton Maureen (Silvia) Rose
Mel Hassenpflug Michael Clarke Myra "Tooty" Williams Fazio
Patricia "Trish" Stanionis Paul Coe Paul Tromerhauser
Phyllis (Coady) Crippen Richard Capell Richard Haines
Rick Benzel Rick Bickford Rick Lynn Wikle
Robert Shank Robert Waddell Ron Pimentel
Rosemary (Greenway) Frager Russell Gephart Sandi (King) Owens
Sharyl (Hutting) Carrier Starr (Burnside) Mueller Stephan "Steve" Mashore
Susan Lee (Sutton) Wesson Steven Heaston Terry Gruhn
Tim Marsh Vickie Morgan Wayne "Steven" Ellison

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What Was It Like? Essays about the High School Experience from several points of view.

Reflections on the Big Chill an eloquent and moving piece by Doug Perez on time and classmates passing.

Why have a Virtual reunion? or, How The World's Stupidest DJ ruined the 25th for me.


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