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All pictures courtesy of David Walker,

Around the Tree

01) Around the Tree
(In our day, this was the "Senior Oak", it had a lawn under it, and only seniors could eat lunch on the lawn.)

Bruce and Roger

02) Bruce and Roger

Cris in Gym

03) Cris in Gym

Ugly Eagles

04) Ugly Eagles
(The mascot changed, for reasons that aren't clear; we were just Eagles in 1966.)

Eagle One

05) Eagle One

At the Game

06) At the Game
(CVHS vs. Acalanes; final score, CVHS 56, Acalanes 7)


07) Cheerleaders


08) Cheerleaders


09) Dinner

Group Shot

10) Group Shot

Norm and Coach

11) Norm Van Brocklin and Coach Ralph Belluomini
(The class gave coach Belluomini a plaque and a football signed by the current CVHS coaching staff and those from his 1966 Varsity team who attended the reunion - Bob Pemberton, Bruce Burnett, Jeff Murphy, Norm Van Brocklin, Rick Holtzer, and Roger Bellamy)

Norm Coach Paul

12) Norm, Coach Belluomini, coach's son, Paul Belluomini

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